Discourse page extremely slow?

I’m experiencing extremely erratic/slow response in MS Edge for the discourse page at the moment (https://discourse.julialang.org). All other url:s have snappy response.

Anyone else experiences this?

I had the same issue. While direct urls were working snappy, clicks on the links in the page were stalling but now it works correctly.

Do you happen to have the Zotero connector plugin installed? There was an issue yesterday where it broke a lot of javascript, including on discourse. It was fixed upstream, so you should be good as soon as your plugin updates its translators, which you can force by restarting your browser or disabling/enabling the plugin. See Zotero Chrome Connector cause js errors in other applications - Zotero Forums


Yes, I had the same issue, now updated Zotero connector (Firefox), and problems gone

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Seems like I do have the Zotero connector installed… I haven’t used it for a long time, so I needed to check…