Discourse as a mailing list


Some people are used to working with a mailing-list and luckily Discourse can be configured in a way that this use-case is still possible.

  1. Sign-up to discourse (sorry you still have to do that)
  2. Head to your user preferences and activate Mailing list mode
  3. Mute any categories you don’t want to get e-mails for.
  4. In order to create a new topic, write to julialang+dev@discoursemail.com, where dev is the short name for the category you want to post in.

Let the @admins know if you are running into any difficulties.

List of Categories with mail-in enabled

  • Usage: julialang+general@discoursemail.com
  • Development: julialang+dev@discoursemail.com
  • Internals: julialang+dev-internals@discoursemail.com
  • Site-feedback: julialang+site-feedback@discoursemail.com

Let one of the @admins know if you want us to expand that list.

Migration of Google Groups to discourse
Migration of Google Groups to discourse
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