Adding a `Priority` besides normal and mute

We’re interested in so many Topics, over a variety of Rich Categories
It’s So easy to lose track time and of what’s interesting and truly Worthwhile

Hence, it would be better to add a mini-feature, a ‘Priority’ choice (inside a Dropdown List between normal and mute) on a Member’s Page. Something that looks like the following:

  1. Notification List: ‘Member X’ has added a new topic (check it out!) :slight_smile:
  2. Email: about the post (have you seen that post yet?) :wink:
    (Besides, of course, taking the user’s Consent to receive them, in the first place )

I believe it would be a great feature to add, what do you think about it?

As a board hosted by, we’re limited in the customizations we can do to themes and built-in plugins. You could possibly request this feature upstream at


Thank you for your informative reply, I didn’t know such thing as meta exist before, so I appreciate your help.
Update: I have found it. Here’s a heads up: it’s A. Official, B. for the Enterprise Plan