"dev" version of docs not published

For some reason the dev version of the docs of one of my packages is not being published (https://m3g.github.io/CellListMap.jl/dev)

Some other packages do publish dev versions, and I have copied the ci.yml files from one to the other. Any idea what may be the issue?


Looking at your CI logs,

β”Œ Info: Deployment criteria for deploying devbranch build from GitHub Actions:
β”‚ - βœ” ENV["GITHUB_REPOSITORY"]="m3g/CellListMap.jl" occurs in repo="github.com/m3g/CellListMap.jl.git"
β”‚ - βœ” ENV["GITHUB_EVENT_NAME"]="push" is "push"
β”‚ - ✘ ENV["GITHUB_REF"] matches devbranch="master"
β”‚ - βœ” ENV["GITHUB_ACTOR"] exists and is non-empty
β”‚ - βœ” ENV["DOCUMENTER_KEY"] exists and is non-empty
β”” Deploying: ✘
β”Œ Warning: Possible deploydocs() misconfiguration: main vs master
β”‚ Documenter's configured primary development branch (`devbranch`) is "master", but the
β”‚ current branch (from $GITHUB_REF) is "main". This can happen because Documenter uses
β”‚ GitHub's old default primary branch name as the default value for `devbranch`.
β”‚ If your primary development branch is 'main', you must explicitly pass `devbranch = "main"`
β”‚ to deploydocs.
β”‚ See #1443 for more discussion: https://github.com/JuliaDocs/Documenter.jl/issues/1443
β”” @ Documenter ~/.julia/packages/Documenter/qdbx6/src/deployconfig.jl:398

Thanks, didn’t occur to me looking at the logs, because the CI run passed without errors…

Yeah, that seems like it should be an error rather than a warning…

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