Delaunay Triangularization

I have an update regarding the Delaunay issue in Julia. I found a website with some code that calculates the Delaunay triangularization here:

Delaunay Docs

The example for 2D worked on my issue and the code is here in case anyone is interested:

using Delaunay
x = [0.8147;0.9058;0.1270;0.9134;0.6324]
y = [0.0975;0.2785;0.5469;0.9575;0.9649]
points = hcat(x,y)
mesh = delaunay(points)

mesh.points                      # the points
mesh.simplices                   # the simplices (triangles in 2d)
mesh.neighbors                   # neighbouring simplices of a simplex
mesh.vertex_to_simplex           # find a simplex for a poin
mesh.convex_hull                 # convex hull of the domain

The output I was looking for is in the mesh.simplices attribute:

julia> mesh.simplices
3Ɨ3 Matrix{Int64}:
 1  2  3
 2  5  3
 5  2  4

I also wanted to let people know that I am working on a Windows machine.
Thanks again for all of the help as it is much appreciated.