Community package for Delaunay triangulation and Voronoi cells

I have been using a variety of julia packages for delaunnay triangulations and voronoi cell generation, all of which seem to become deprecated. First, I used VoronoiCells, but it is pretty limited in its implementation, so I moved to then I moved to VoronoiDelaunnay, however, that was deprecated and it suggested I move to DelaunnayTriangulation.jl . This package was excellent, and had a lot of great features, but could not clip voronoi tessellations to convex boundaries. I implemented an approach that would be able to do this, but now it appears that the DelaunnayTriangulation documentation has vanished and the creators github project page is unreachable.

Is there a stable recommended environment in which you can simply generate delaunay triangulations and their corresponding voronoi tessellation from a set of points subject to some boundary conditions? Would it be a worthwhile undertaking to try and build such a package, or would that be like rei-inventing the wheel?

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@juliohm would probably point towards Home · Meshes.jl

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I was looking at that, and it looks like a great basis for building a voronoi/delaunnay triangulation package-however, I am a bit surprised it doesn’t already have those functionalities built in! This is probably just an example of extreme use-case bias hahaha

I have no idea what was/is the problem, and I am not a user of the package, but the documentation appears available, the project github page as well, and the last commits were just a few days ago.

The name is written with one “n”, which could also have been the problem. The JuliaHub link is DelaunayTriangulation.jl.

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Thanks for pinging @BambOoxX :+1:

@charperflow we are working on a new CRS infrastructure in Meshes.jl via CoordRefSystems.jl and will then absorb DelaunayTriangulation.jl with the help of the original author. I am chatting with Daniel, and if everything goes as planned, we should have everything ready by the end of the year.

You can subscribe to the following issue to keep up to date:


I’m definitely still reachable and happy to give some assistance for getting your approach into the package. The package is in a bit of an awkward state currently with the release of v1.0 and waiting for Makie to get a new release so I can properly announce the new version, but I’m not sure why it would appear like the package or myself has vanished.


Did you have a look at Triangulate.jl ?

Oh wow, thanks for all the responses. Sorry for the lack of engagement, I was away the past couple days!

I guess my resource list is out of date. I was following the project here: GitHub - JuliaGeometry/DelaunayTriangulation.jl: Delaunay triangulations and Voronoi tessellations in two dimensions., and the link from there to DanielVandH’s in the about section is broken. I believe it used to link to a tutorial and documentation page that no longer seems to be available.

I look forward to the joining with Meshes.jl , which I’ll look through now :slight_smile:

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and the link from there to DanielVandH’s in the about section is broken

Just fixed it now, thanks. Missed it when I fixed all the other links :slight_smile: