Making a triangular plot

In MATLAB there is a function triplot (2-D triangular plot - MATLAB triplot) which can be used to make a triangular plot given a connectivity matrix and the corresponding (x, y) values. Is there a similar function in Julia for this purpose? and similarly e.g. for trimesh / trisurf.

I did see previously, although it no longer seems to compile on the current version of Julia.

There is one (and probably more) topic about this matter here in the forum (did a quick search but couldn’t find it/them). But see GMT example here.

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I think the OP is talking about triangle mesh plots.

@legola18 take a look at Meshes.jl and MeshViz.jl if you are interested in triangulations and visualizations of these results. Voronoi-Delaunay triangulations are on the roadmap, but you have other packages out there that generate the connectivities.


Ok, then in GMT that is done by the triangualate function. Have no example on its usage but would be

G = triangulate(data, region=(...), spacing=...)

where data is Mx3 matrix or a GMTdataset type and G the output grid.


Thanks @juliohm, this was the simplest for me to understand. It’s quite easy to implement with these packages actually (for triplot, anyway), e.g:

    triplot(T, x, y)

Generates and plots a `SimpleMesh` object for a triangulation with triangle connectivity matrix `T` 
and points defined by vectors `x` and `y`. The first output is the `SimpleMesh object, and the 
second plot is the scene containing the plot.
function triplot(T, x, y)
    # Convert into vector of tuples of points 
    points = Meshes.Point2[(x[i], y[i]) for i in 1:length(x)]
    # Connect the points using the provided connectivity matrix T 
    connec = Meshes.connect.([(T[i, 1], T[i, 2], T[i, 3]) for i in 1:size(T, 1)])
    # Mesh 
    mesh = Meshes.SimpleMesh(points, connec)
    h = MeshViz.viz(mesh, showfacets = true)
    return mesh, h
mesh, h = triplot(elements, nodes[:, 1], nodes[:, 2])
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