Where is the DifferentialEquations finite element tutorial?

Can someone please point me to the tutorial mentioned here that creates this demo? (Can’t find it in that page)


That picture is just old. The FEM submodule is long gone. But if you look at the v1 docs you’ll find it:


That won’t run on any modern Julia though.

These days we’d recommend using DiffEq with FEniCS.jl or Gridap.jl

Thanks. But in fact I’m only interested (by now) in having access into a solution type that would be plotted in a 2D or 3D view. Can you please point me into one that I can reproduce? This is for plotting purposes, not really the physics/math behind it.

They are trisurf plots, like

You might want to see:

In theory the right target in Julia would be to get this working on a Meshes.jl interface.


Let me know if you need anymore pointers. The janky stuff we had back then has pretty much been generalized to what’s now many packages handling each part, with some done by SciML but then other things around, which is why the FEM stuff was scrapped for its components (and some components like the meshing was scrapped entirely), so some of the JuliaGeometry stuff might be a better place to look these days.

Thanks, but it seems I was not clear. I’m sneaking into ODE types to make them plot from GMT. Contrary to the cons point in your blog post about plotting packages, GMT can plot trisurf like stuff. It just didn’t have a function with that name (but now it has). It can also now plot t,u plots without resorting to any recipes system and I would like to extend that to solutions that need 2D/3D views. I think I found one example here but it seems it requires GPU capabilities (but my laptop is beefy, time to install that).