Customizing Julia Installation Directory on Linux

Hello everyone! I’m currently working on installing Julia on my Linux system using the standard installation script (curl -fsSL | sh ). I’m looking to customize the installation directory, but I haven’t found any options within the downloaded script to do so. Could someone guide me on how to choose a specific installation directory during the Julia installation process using this method? Your help would be greatly appreciated!

I would just download the a tarball of the binaries and untar it wherever you would like it. Scroll down from the download page to find the “manual” install archives:

The only other nice thing would be to either add the bin directory to your PATH or symlink the julia executable to somewhere on your PATH.


From the juliaup’s README, you can set the JULIAUP_DEPOT_PATH environment variable to customize the installation location.

Or, you can use to install Julia. For downloading Julia binaries to a customized location, set the JULIA_DOWNLOAD environment variable when using the script.


Odd, when I run the command on Linux, I get prompted to customize the installation, after which I can enter any path I like:

after selecting:

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Note that with Juliaup there are two locations you can customize: 1) where you want Juliaup installed (this is the stuff that ends up on your PATH, and 2) where the actual Julia versions that you install get stored.

For 1) you can use the options in the setup script of Juliaup that @Salmon pointed at. There are also command line arguments to the installer that let you control that. For 2) you can control that via the JULIAUP_DEPOT_PATH environment variable.


Thank you very much, everyone. I’ll proceed with the installation as usual. However, I’ll keep the information from these responses for later use, as it’s always good to follow the standard procedure.