Excel files & Julia?

It’s exam time, and I need to script the reading of content from a number of Excel files, put the information into a DataFrame, compute grades, and write the result to an Excel file.

Last time I did this, I used package ExcelFiles + DataFrames (in 2020). It seems like ExcelFiles was last updated in 2019.

  • What is the best way to read the content of Excel files in Julia at the moment
  • Similarly for writing to Excel files

I think most people use XSLX.jl, although that would have been true in 2020 as well so maybe there was a specific reason why you didn’t choose it then?

In any case if you’re essentially doing the same thing you did 2 years ago and it worked for you at that point you might not want to chang anything - just re-instantiate the manifest from when you last did this and work with the versions of packages that worked for you last time!

I have to modify it… the way to compute grades has changed :-o. I don’t remember why I chose ExcelFiles last time, but will check XSLX.