Error importing xlsx file

Hello, I am new to Julia. My main goal is to do some basic statistical analysis and some plots of tabular data contained in a excel spreadsheet. When I try import the file using XLSX.jl I get an error that I do not understand.
I have made sure the file I am trying to import is in Julia’s working directory.
The error appeared for the first time after updating to version 1.8.5. The same piece of code worked in version 1.8.2.
Thank you very much for any help with this.

using XLSX
Data= DataFrame(XLSX.readtable("myfile", "sheet1"))

ERROR: AssertionError: File myfile not found.
[1] openxlsx(f::XLSX.var"#29#30"{Nothing, Nothing, Bool, Bool, Bool, Nothing, String}, source::String; mode::String, enable_cache::Bool)
@ XLSX ~/.julia/packages/XLSX/4nFBw/src/read.jl:134
[2] #readtable#28
@ ~/.julia/packages/XLSX/4nFBw/src/read.jl:601 [inlined]
[3] readtable(source::String, sheet::String)
@ XLSX ~/.julia/packages/XLSX/4nFBw/src/read.jl:600
[4] top-level scope
@ REPL[23]:1

Does that perhaps need to be "myfile.xlsx"?

Well…yes! Apologies, I feel a bit embarrassed now. I promise I was stuck with this and could not see it in front of me.
Thank you very much.

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