Creating documentation when remote name is not `origin`

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to use Documenter to build the documentation for a package I wrote. Everything builds fine, but every time I run julia --project make.jl the following warning appears:

┌ Warning: Unable to determine HTML(edit_link = ...) from remote HEAD branch, defaulting to "master".
│ Calling `git remote` failed with an exception. Set JULIA_DEBUG=Documenter to see the error.
│ Unless this is due to a configuration error, the relevant variable should be set explicitly.
└ @ Documenter /opt/julia/packages/Documenter/1HwWe/src/utilities/utilities.jl:712

Digging through Documenter’s code, it seems to me that this warning originates from the getremote function, in src/utilities/utilities.jl, line 502.
This function tries to call git config --get remote.origin.url, and here’s my problem: I have renamed the remote of my git repository as github, so that command exits with an error (exit status 1). In fact, running git config --get remote.github.url returns the remote URL as expected (and with an exit status of 0).

Apart from renaming the remote back to origin, is there a way to make Documenter work in my situation? I can’t find a way to tell Documenter the correct name of the remote.

I don’t believe this issue is Documenter-specific, try following some of the advice here and see if that gets it working for you.