Documenter keeps asking me for GitHub credentials

Why do I get a GitHub prompt every time I run documenter?
Even if I simply open make.jl I get the request.
Then I get a second window asking again for my github login and a third asking again for my password.
I can enter valid information or simply kill all windows, either ways it works. But I always get the message

Warning: Unable to determine HTML(edit_link = ...) from ...
Calling `git remote` failed with an exception....

I am working in Windows with VSCode.


This should have been fixed by Documenter.jl#1797 and Documenter.jl#1821. What version of Documenter are you using? An easy fix is to guard the call to deploydocs behind a check, for example only run it if get(ENV, "CI", nothing) == "true".

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Fixed indeed!