Could not spawn setenv ...7z.exe

I got a fancy new laptop, heavily administered by the IT dept…

When doing up or even just using VScode, the following error message pops up:

ERROR: IOError: could not spawn setenv(`'C:\Users\XX\AppData\Local\Programs\Julia-1.8\libexec\7z.exe' x 'C:\Users\XX\.julia\registries\General.tar.gz'

Solution: run as admin, but that is not very popular with the IT dept.

Guess: 7z.exe is on some kind of black list.

Any hints, anyone?

There isn’t really anything we can say/help to diagnose this - that error can have a multitude of reasons, only one of which is related to permissions. I’d suggest talking to your IT department about what could cause this, if you’re otherwise able to run 7z.exe.

Thanks. I merely wanted to ask if anyone else has bumped into this - and maybe knows a solution.

Well one other guess I’d have is that your IT department restricted the directories where .exe can be started from - in which case, the solution would be to ask your IT department to allow the directory where those julia installed binaries are located as well.