Copy packages to an offline machine (for dummies)


I am trying to copy the packages from my PC to another PC that is not connected to the internet. I know that there are a number of threads about this out there, however, frankly, I do not understand the proposed solutions.

My first instinct was just to copy/paste the .julia folder. However, this did not work because PyCall did not build since there was an IO error with Julia trying to mkdir something.

Can someone please explain me what are the steps to do this?



I am not sure of the approach to use for packages which require offline access to PyCall, but in general I use libraries such as Pluto, Plots and Unitful offline with the following approach:

To get Julia working on a computer without internet access:

  1. Install desired packages onto a computer with internet access.
  2. Copy entire .julia directory and transfer onto the computer without internet access.

This works for me when both computers are running Windows10. I assume you could do the same with other operating systems as long as the operating system on both computers is the same.