Offline packages and .julia folder

How reliable is it to copy the .julia folder as a way to install packages without internet access? That is, can this procedure work, assuming that computers A and B have the same OS and processor?

  1. Computer A has access to internet. I install several packages on computer A.
  2. Computer B does not have internet access. I copy the .julia folder from computer A and place it in the default location in computer B.

Should work, but seems infinitely easier to bundle everything in e.g. a docker image.

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Just learning about Docker now. Can I package something on a mac and use it on a windows computer?

Yes - this approach works for me.

To get Julia working on a computer without internet access:

  1. Install desired packages onto a computer with internet access.
  2. Copy entire .julia directory and transfer onto the computer without internet access.

This works for me when both computers are running Windows10. I assume you could do the same with other operating systems as long as the operating system on both computers is the same.

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