Conda cannot be added on Julia 1.3.1 Win10, local user install

After Installing Julia 1.3.1 on Win10, (as local user), Conda won’t build, it throws the error
Error building Conda :
│ ERROR: LoadError: SystemError (with C:\Users\julia): mkdir: Permission denied
if I try
import Conda
it throws another error:
LoadError: ArgumentError: Path to conda environment is not valid: C:\Users\julia\AppData\Local\JuliaPro\packages\padding_some_junk_value\in_here\creating_a_pattern_to_be_replaced\conda\3
which is apparently because ROOTENV in Conda does not get set properly. In which document should I set that path to (I’m guessing) either Julia1.3.1\Packages\Conda\3 or Julia1.3.1\Conda\3 ?

two questions: 1) why is it trying to make C:\users\Julia? that is a strange place to do anything, for a local install.
2) why is that path to conda not set to the install directory of Julia 1.3.1?

I should add that i managed to get Julia 1.2.0 working as a local install, I cannot remember having had the same issue. Maybe I should reinstall for all users?