Install Julia with Anaconda on Windows10

Hello everyone, I’m struggling to have a working install of Julia alongside Anaconda on Windows 10.

Basically I have a bunch of environments (Python & R) and I used to simply install Julia on the side and use with Juno.

Since I wanted know to transition to using Jupyterlab, I did set ENV[“JUPYTER”]="…"

and installed IJulia which is when my problems started.

IJulia did install but in the root env, which is a pain because I can’t seem to access my conda envs from the Anaconda prompt anymore, even after uninstalling Julia.

Does anyone have a clue about what I should do?


I had trouble with integrating Anaconda 3 with Julia 1.3.1. I am not sure how exactly it was resolved, but I did the following:

  1. In Julia REPL, use Pkg.rm("IJulia") to remove the package.
  2. ENV["JUPYTER"]="C:\\Users\\Yuxi\\Anaconda3\\Scripts\\jupyter.exe"
  3. Close Julia REPL, then reopen it, then
  • Pkg.add("IJulia")
  • using IJulia
    Wait for it to recompile.
  1. Open the Anaconda Navigator, then open JupyterLab. See if “Julia 1.3.1” appears in the welcome screen. If not, repeat steps 1-3 but with ENV["JUPYTER"]="C:\\Users\\Yuxi\\Anaconda3\\Scripts\\jupyter-lab.exe" instead.
  2. If that still failed, repeat steps 1-3, then type in the Julia REPL notebook(). It should open up a Jupyter Notebook environment. Not JupyterLab, but it should be good enough.
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