Can't build IJulia in 1.9

I’m trying to build IJulia so my new notebook with know about it. I am having Conda problems again. I have tried deleting .julia and starting over with no luck. I get this message and am stuck. I have followed the directions to add Conda, which seems to work but the problem persists.

Mac Mini, M2 Pro, latest OS, Julia 1.9

Just tried the nightly build for 1.10 and everything is fine. Version 1.10.0-DEV.1239 (2023-05-08)

What am I missing?

(@v1.9) pkg> build IJulia
    Building Conda ─→ `~/.julia/scratchspaces/44cfe95a-1eb2-52ea-b672-e2afdf69b78f/e32a90da027ca45d84678b826fffd3110bb3fc90/build.log`
    Building IJulia → `~/.julia/scratchspaces/44cfe95a-1eb2-52ea-b672-e2afdf69b78f/59e19713542dd9dd02f31d59edbada69530d6a14/build.log`
ERROR: Error building `IJulia`: 
ERROR: LoadError: ArgumentError: Package Conda not found in current path.
- Run `import Pkg; Pkg.add("Conda")` to install the Conda package.
 [1] macro expansion
   @ ./loading.jl:1595 [inlined]
 [2] macro expansion
   @ ./lock.jl:267 [inlined]
 [3] require(into::Module, mod::Symbol)
   @ Base ./loading.jl:1576
 [4] include(fname::String)
   @ Base.MainInclude ./client.jl:478
 [5] top-level scope
   @ none:5
in expression starting at /Users/ctk/.julia/packages/IJulia/6TIq1/deps/build.jl:1

Can you print the status of your @v1.9 environment?

Interesting. I was starting from nothing (no .julia directory at all) did add IJuiia and then build IJulia and got

(@v1.9) pkg> build IJuila
ERROR: The following package names could not be resolved:
 * IJuila (not found in project or manifest)

did add IJulia again then build IJuila worked. I have no idea why, but thanks for asking me to reproduce the problem.

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It seems your build command was for IJuila (note the typo), so that might explain the error in your last message. Happy that a clean environment solved it!

I don’t think (but who knows? I’m old) I made that typo several times as I tried it before. Nuking .julia has always worked for me in the past. You shouldn’t have to do that, but sometimes you do.

Thanks again.

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