Using recently updated packages with earlier versions of julia

Hello fellow julia users,

I’m wondering if someone could help me with the following frustrating problem I have had while installing packages when having slightly outdated versions of Julia. One when trying to install Plots.jl on my Julia 1.4 (when Julia 1.5 was current), and then again installing DifferentialEquations.jl on my system with Julia 1.5 while 1.6 was the latest release.

The problem goes as follows: First, I simply create a new environment and then add the packages to the environment. But then the packages fail to pre-compile when importing them as in:

using Plots

In both cases, I get weird errors, that sounds like the package has bugs in it. Things like Undef errors for functions in the package I’m importing. Or even worse, precompilation just hangs, and never finishes.

In both these packages, they have a very long compile time, so in both cases I ended up wasting a lot of debuging time until I finally realize, I need to update my version of Julia.

After updating Julia to the latest version, everything worked fine.

So my question is, what am I doing wrong, to end up with these very frustrating events that waste a lot of time? I would expect (like is done with Anaconda), that if I try to install a Package with an old version of Julia, it would install the latest version of that package compatible with the version of Julia I’m using.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It’s supposed to. But this requires the package developer to have correctly specified the minimum supported Julia version in their Project.toml file, and it could be that they failed to do this. If so, it’s a bug in the package and you should file a github issue.