Sorting out FFT Compat Issue - help needed

So I am not so fresh on this Compat detection and dependency control flow thing. I really need some help!

I tried to push a fix to my package and was met with a CI/CD error. Weird because my push did NOT change any dependencies whatsoever!

ERROR: Unsatisfiable requirements detected for package FFTW [7a1cc6ca]:

 FFTW [7a1cc6ca] log:

 ├─possible versions are: [0.1.0-0.1.2, 0.2.0-0.2.4, 0.3.0, 1.0.0-1.0.1, 1.1.0] or uninstalled

 ├─restricted to versions 1.0.1-1 by ChemometricsTools [a9718f02], leaving only versions [1.0.1, 1.1.0]

 │ └─ChemometricsTools [a9718f02] log:

 │   ├─possible versions are: 0.5.10 or uninstalled

 │   └─ChemometricsTools [a9718f02] is fixed to version 0.5.10

 ├─restricted to versions 1.0.1 by an explicit requirement, leaving only versions 1.0.1

 └─restricted by compatibility requirements with AbstractFFTs [621f4979] to versions: 1.1.0 or uninstalled — no versions left

   └─AbstractFFTs [621f4979] log:

     ├─possible versions are: [0.3.0-0.3.2, 0.4.0-0.4.1, 0.5.0] or uninstalled

     └─restricted to versions 0.5.0 by an explicit requirement, leaving only versions 0.5.0

What happened I don’t know, but I also don’t see any issues with what’s happening in my TOML?

I even asked the FFT package mantainers - and I don’t think they are having any issues with this. So it seems isolated to my package? Any tips for how to debug these kinds of issues, or any idea whats going on?

Currently your Manifest.toml indicates that FFTW 1.0.1 is installed. What happens if you remove your Manifest.toml from the repo (or update your local dev environment so that it’s using the most recent FFTW and then check-in the modified Manifest.toml)?

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One of those classic - why didn’t I think of that? fixes.

Thanks - yep updating FFT fixed the problem entirely!