Companies hiring Julia devs in India, especially in Delhi NCR

I am thinking to learn Julia starting from next week. I am not doing job currently, so i will learn this language full time. Can anyone please let me know if some companies are hiringfor Julia devs in India, specifically near Delhi NCR area ?

Thank you so much for your time :blush:


Hi, if your priority is to find a job as a programmer I suggest to learn Python, C# or Java. Julia is awesome and my favourite language but assuming that you will find job easily could end up with frustration and disappointment.


Hi Jakub,

Thank you fir your advice. Yes, I am going to learn Python first :slight_smile:

I think that at this point in its lifecycle, it is best to think of Julia filling a similar niche as LaTeX: it was invented by and for people in research and academia with a lot of domain-specific knowledge to make a particular task easier, so that they could do it themselves with minimal turnaround time, making the total process cheaper than the mere overhead of outsourcing it (even at zero cost).

Jobs using Julia exist, but usually require a high level of training/expertise in something else.

I consider it very unlikely that the kind of job market that evolved for generic Java/Python/PHP/… coders will happen for Julia, just like it does not really exist for LaTeX.


I think that’s largely true, but most people who learn Julia use it to do scientific programming, and there is a lot of generic mathematical knowledge which can be carried between domains. Someone who wants an experienced Julia programmer to help with simulations in healthcare could probably use someone who used it to do simulations in physics.


Absolutely, we are actively looking to hire someone generically good at Julia scientific programming in Montreal, and I doubt that we are alone.


Great to hear that. Please consider the fact that @ajeet is asking about India and I think the situation there is similar as for Poland. There are literally no Julia related jobs here, 95% of projects is an outsourcing of not very interesting stuff from developed countries.

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If you are talking about this, it is my impression that you are looking for a highly qualified candidate (BSc in a STEM field, large scale ML experience, and an experienced software developer).

This is something that takes at least 5-6 years of combined education + work experience. I am very happy that there are jobs like this in the Julia community, but I think it underscores my point: entry level jobs of “just coding Julia” (without some complementary skill) may not be a realistic feature of the Julia scene, compared to other languages. Eg most junior Java, Php or Python jobs don’t even insist on a degree.