R2 Montreal is hiring: Julia Data Science Developper

Send resume to said.berriah@r2.ca

As a Core Data Science Developer, you will work on building the software components of a distributed data science /machine learning system. In this role, you will collaborate very closely with different stake holders (R&D, Software dev, Operations) to identify use cases and design maintainable long-term solutions that scale, address current needs while also anticipating future requirements. The actual/future developed data science platforms are deployed in a large scale distributed industrial system.

Role Description

  • Build the software components of the system, including libraries for: Expressing, distributing, and executing complex machine learning/data science pipelines, Complex data querying and preprocessing, Asynchronous communication with other systems, support utility packages.
  • Support the needs of the different stake holders (R&D, Software dev, Operations)
  • Aim to exceed user expectations, ensuring that usability, performance, and correctness are given equal consideration during design and development.
  • Review proposed code and provide feedback
  • Technical documentation drafting and reporting.

Minimum Requirements

  • Developing and/or deploying a distributed system.
  • Developing and/or deploying large-scale machine learning and/or optimisation systems.
  • Designing or contributing to frameworks for large-scale processing
  • Strong experience in software engineering/development role.
  • BSc/BEng degree in computer science, computer engineering or equivalent (Science, Engineering Etc)
  • Communication in English.

Desirable Experience

  • Strong Julia development experience (highly desired)
  • Data science common programming languages (Python, C++/C, C#, F#, Matlab etc), highly desired.
  • Experience with open-source software and Linux, highly desired.
  • Experience with Git for code management, highly desired
  • Open Source Machine learning, statistics, and/or optimization, highly desired.
  • Strong communication skills, especially with regards to requirements gathering and documentation, desired.
  • Linux Containers (especially Docker), highly desired.
  • Knowledge/background in chemical industry is a plus.
  • Parallel programming experience is a plus.
  • Communication in French is a plus.
  • Experience supporting Agile/SCRUM project teams is a plus.

Thanks for posting! You mention what you require and what you desire but not what you offer? That might be a valuable addition to the post.

Who is R2?

Founded in 1989 and located in the Old Montreal, R2 has devoted its information technology know-how and industrial electrochemical expertise to develop and deploy unique solutions to the chlor-alkali industries. R2’s hardware and software platform awarded by more than a dozen patents is actually monitoring over 40,000 electrolysis equipments in 20 different countries.

What does R2 do?

R2 offers EMOS®, a product unique in its ability to characterize and evaluate the performance of single cells for an electrolyzer and provide early detection of potentially harmful events. R2 has also developed IMU™, a platform to process modeling and predictive diagnosis based on state-of-the-art data mining techniques.R2 offers a unique Analysis Service to deploy a preventive maintenance strategy in the electrolysis cell room.


Benefits: Health plan/Competitive Salary 60k to 100k (Canadian$) depending on exprerience/ flexible hours and plus.


I made a talk at JuliaCon about some of what we do at R2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IE39JoVIaEw

I’ll add to Said’s job description that this work has a fairly positive societal impact. We’re reducing waste by catching problems before equipment is destroyed, and we’re improving the energy efficiency of a hugely energy-intensive process.

We’re a small company, so you can have a large impact on how things are done. I made them use Julia :slight_smile:


Does this offer include possibilities for remote work-from-home (for people like me who live in the neighboring US and can’t relocate anytime in the near future)?

That can be possible. Can we discuss that in private.
please send me direct email with resume and contact info.

Any citizenship requirements?

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You have to be allowed to work in Canada but sponsoring a relocation is possible…
please direct email with resume and interest.

Montréal is awesome :slight_smile: