Error with `using` on remote worker

I am on Julia 0.7 and I add remote workers with ClusterManagers and addprocs_htc (HTCondor). Workers connect to my master worker and I can run code on them but I encounter an error with @everywhere using.
For example:

@everywhere using DiffEqBase
ERROR: On worker 3:
IOError: stat: operation not permitted (EPERM)
stat at .\stat.jl:68
ispath at .\stat.jl:303 [inlined]
#651 at .\loading.jl:543
#open#298 at .\iostream.jl:369
open at .\iostream.jl:367 [inlined]
explicit_manifest_uuid_path at .\loading.jl:517 [inlined]

The package exists on all workers and I set JULIA_DEPOT_PATH in the addprocs_htc script. At the same time @everywhere using Distributed works fine (stdlib is accessable). Could you help me with this issue?

I forgot to mention that OS is Windows