Closing the REPL pane or Git/GitHub pane

I prefer to use keyboard bindings when I can. One binding I haven’t been able to figure out is closing the REPL pane (I think it is called a pane but I could be wrong). I can do it with the mouse by clicking on the down arrow in the semicircle above the name REPL. Once it is closed you can open it again with -J -O.

Similarly -9 opens the git pane to the right but I can only close it by hovering around the boundary until the right-arrow in a semi-circle appears.

Can someone help me expand my Atom knowledge?

You’re almost correct – the REPL is an item in a pane, which itself sits in a dock. As such, you can use the Window: Toggle Bottom Dock and Window: Toggle Right Dock commands for that.
Arguably, Ctrl-J Ctrl-O should hide the dock if the REPL is focussed, but I’m not 100% that’s desireable.

Thanks. Is there a way to bind a shortcut to Window: Toggle Bottom?

Got here through Google with no answer to be found.
After looking around some more and getting a better understanding of how Atom/Juno key bindings works, I found what I needed. I’ll leave it here for people in the future.

The detailed instructions are:
ctrl+shift+p will drop down Atom’s command palette. From there, search for Keymap and select the option Application: Open Your Keymap.

With your keymap config file open you can follow the instructions outlined in the Issue above and simply paste the following to the end of the file.

	'ctrl-)': 'window:toggle-bottom-dock'

Saving the file will cause Atom/Juno to instantly reload your bindings and you’re good to go.

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