Cloning a repo from Github via Pluto

Hello Watchers:

I am attempting to clone a repo from
Github within Pluto (not Julia REPL).
Could I approach this using HTTP.jl? If
so, could you provide an MWE? If not,
how would you approach this?

The goal is to reproduce the
following instructions used in
a REPL in Pluto

$ git clone <some https: url>
$ cd <some endpoint>
$ julia --project=.

Thank you,

Git.jl might help.

You want to start a Julia session inside Pluto? This sounds like an X/Y problem, what are you trying to accomplish?

Yes – I want to execute the commands above
in a Pluto.jl session not the REPL (command
shell). I am attempting to access a repo for a
package that has not yet been registered.

Thank you – might you know how to
execute the following command:

julia --project=.

Yes, but you can’t run julia from Pluto, Pluto runs from Julia.

If you want to add an unregistered package in Pluto you have to bypass Pluto’s package manager and use

using Pkg

Thank you for making the distinction @gustaphe.
I was able to access the unregistered package using
Git.jl. Might you know what the ‘julia --project=’ command
is attempting to accomplish?

General advice: don’t run shell commands if you don’t know what they (are supposed to) do.

julia --project=.

Starts a REPL session using the current directory (.) as project directory. It’s equivalent to starting Julia, pressing ] to get to the pkg prompt and running activate ..

Whatever instructions you are reading explicitly want you to do this in repl. The method I described above is how to load an unregistered package in Pluto, no Git.jl involved. If you need to run Julia from inside the cloned directory, for instance if it’s not a package at all but some kind of project directory, Pluto is probably not the right tool anyway. Hard to tell without knowing what you’re trying to accomplish.

@gustaphe – Thank you for sharing your insight
about this. It helps.

What I was attempting to accomplish can be found
on a thread I started HERE.

I wanted to execute the functions/commands within
Pluto.jl because it less challenging to visualize and
present. Based on the other thread, do you think using
the REPL is a better option for this expressed purpose?

By now I assume that package has been registered, so using should work out of the box. If it doesn’t, do as I describe above. In Pluto you don’t have to bother about project directory, each Pluto notebook acts as its own.