Pluto's running script with Julia shipping bundle

If I am not mistaken Pluto.jl goes with Julia v 1.5… may be it is worthy to provide a script for running it “from the box”

Hi, Pluto is a (great) external library, it is not shipped with julia. But it is very easy to install (] add Pluto).
Alternatively, you could use the docker container lungben/pluto.


Sorry, I 'v made mistake, it installed so fast… never the less what do think about including precompiled Pluto into the Julia’s shipping bundle with a corresponding script to run it “from the box”? (yet I’am pretty aware how to install and to run it externally)

I do not think that Pluto should be bundled with the standard Julia installation.
Especially, this would link the Pluto release cycle to the Julia one. Yesterday, @fonsp fixed an issue in 2h, with Pluto linked to the Julia release cycle it would have been taken 3 months.
In general, the Julia ecosystem is based on rather small single purpose packages working seamlessly together.