China's Alternative To GSoC 2021: 14 Julia related programs!

  • Summer-2021 some examples:
    • “Differentiating sparse matrix operations with reversible programming”
    • “Add performant image processing algorithms”
    • “Wide-range JuliaImages demos and missing functionalities”
    • “Implement Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Algorithms in Julia”
    • “General improvement to Julia-C interoperability tools”
    • “Parser generator targeting Julia”
    • “Basic Quantum Circuit Emulation Subroutine”
    • “Integrate Yao with other quantum computing packages in Julia”
    • “Enriching Offline Reinforcement Learning Algorithms in ReinforcementLearning.jl”
    • “Native Julia ODE, SDE, DAE, DDE, and (S)PDE Solvers”
    • “Establish a General Pipeline for Offline Reinforcement Learning Evaluation”

via Phoronix