Change the name of Julia to JULai

The word Julia is hard for Google searches. JULai wouldn’t be confused with anything else.

Edit: Scrap JULai as the name suggestion but a completely unique 1 to 2 syllable word

But Jul is the Swedish name for Christmas so that would be confusing.


FWIW, I just use jl for Julia related searches and that works great.


Would this be better in the Offtopic category?

Also, the name is not going to change now.


Indeed writing julia in any search is a sure way to get you nonsense results. I would recommend julialang, jl, "julia programming language", etc.


First time I’m doing this, hope noone minds. Offtopic is for stuff that doesn’t fit in other categories. I’d say this fits in neither General nor Community so I put it in Off-topic.

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Julia Bekashed, with the surname derived from the initials of the founding fathers (Be-Ka-Sh-Ed). With a little good will, it even sounds like Johnny Cash…


If “C” made it, Julia has nothing to worry about namewise.


I thought this was going to be a joke about typo-ing Julia as Julai, and so wanting to change the name to accommodate the typo :grinning: Is it just me that makes that typo a lot? At least half my web searches related to Julia start off as ‘julai … …’ before getting corrected!


C wasn’t designed to be googleable. With C, C# and C++ all looking the same to search engines, it’s actually a uniquely difficult language to search.

That would unintentionally draw in the Chris-chan fans and that is not something you want.

You misspelled ‘bikeshed’.


And “julai” (or “julay”) is a comtemptuous insult in Spanish you definitely don’t want to be associated to the project.


I’m guessing that was intentional :grin:

I agree, it is quite subtle.

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Pretty sure the words Python and Rust were around long before the programming languages of the same name.

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With google you can use the AND operator to be more specific, for example:

julia AND programming

Tells Google to only show search results for julia if it has any relations with the keyword programming.

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Google’s algorithms are of course secret, so I can’t know for sure, but I think that your information is very outdated. If one, for example, checks out the Google Advanced Search page, one sees that OR exists as a query operator, but AND isn’t mentioned:

On the other hand, it’s possible to just do julia programming instead of julia AND programming.

Yeah i guess you’re right. Starting to think now i don’t even remember where i saw something about AND. Maybe it existed before, but now just multiple words already works as AND worked before.

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