Can't Install Julia Packages on AWS Lightsail Ubuntu

I am trying to create a Genie.jl website hosted with Amazon, but when I try to install the required packages, the process is killed. The image below demonstrates this when trying to install the CSV package. Any help fixing this would be appreciated!

When I use Julia in System OS Linux (CAELinux with Xubuntu), it is the best thing to start a new environment.

cd to empty directory for your website project, then open terminal, at terminal type:

julia --project="."

You can try to add the CSV package now, because a lot of people here told me that it is the best to create a new environment instead of using the root Julia for all your projects, some packages have clashes of dependencies.

Hope it will works, if not perhaps other people here can help you.

Thank you for your help.

It seemed like the issue was that the machine it was running on did not have enough RAM. It only had 512 MB. There should be a better error message than just the julia processes shutting down though.

That’s why the message is only killed. It is programmed to typed killed when running out of memory. Thanks for sharing for your problem. Hopefully your website will be up and running well.

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