Cannot find name corresponding to UUID

When updating my packages I encountered the error:
ERROR: cannot find name corresponding to UUID 4af54fe1-eca0-43a8-85a7-787d91b784e3 in a registry

Searching online I found that uuid belongs to LazyArtifacts.jl (CUDA.jl initialisation fails after suspending Ubuntu 20.04 with CUDA 11.2 · Issue #605 · JuliaGPU/CUDA.jl · GitHub) but I don’t think I ever had that package installed.

Anyways, how can I solve that error that prevents me to update my packages?

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Yep I merged a PR that broke the General registry.

It should be fixed now.

More specifically, this PR broke the registry, and this PR should have fixed it.

hmm, that easy?

Yeah there’s nothing that needs to be fixed on your end.

I meant that easy … to break the general registry :smiling_imp:

No, usually the tests will catch any problems.

I (very foolishly) stopped testing on Julia 1.3 and 1.5 and only tested that PR on Julia 1.6-beta1.

I’ve now updated the registry to test on more Julia versions so that we’ll definitely catch these kinds of problems.

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