Can I still register packages with only three characters?

I understand new packages generally have to have names with at least five characters. However, my package has taken the name “Hop” in the registry during Julia pre-1.0 timeframe. Later, the package development became private and was removed from the general registry (Info about upcoming removal of packages in the General registry · Issue #6 · atbug/OldHop.jl · GitHub). Roughly a week ago, the other developers and I decided to open source our package again (with many more features). Ideally, I would like to reclaim the package name. Is it still possible to make an exception?

The name is pretty descriptive since in tight binding approximation, electrons hop among lattice points.

The registration pull request is here (New package: Hop v0.8.0 by JuliaRegistrator · Pull Request #61625 · JuliaRegistries/General · GitHub).

There are many things that can hop, and it could be an abbreviation for “higher order programming” or “halt or proceed”. Perhaps something like “ElectronHops.jl” or “LatticeWanderings.jl” would provide more context for users.


The naming guidelines are just that - guidelines. If your package doesn’t meet the guidelines that just means the PR to General can’t be auto-merged, but it can still be merged. You can make the case in the PR thread you linked (in this case I’d tend to agree that the name is very short and nondescriptive and therefore probably less than ideal for General, but I don’t know the field at all so there might be a good reason why a more descriptive name would be worse).

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That sounds like a very niche topic, to be honest. As a software engineer, I’d never have guessed this connection.

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