Package Naming Guidelines (EDIT: are not) missing from manual

There used to be very good guidelines available for naming packages at (link now defunct), but I can’t find them in the current manual. I’m guessing they got lost in the shuffle of the transition to Pkg3. I checked the Pkg.jl manual as well and couldn’t find them there either.

Are those guidelines now located somewhere in the docs that search just isn’t finding? Should I open a PR to reinstate them? Or did the community decide that the guidelines were not helpful?

Looking at the docs, I think there should be an additional small section included on using and creating packages so that they keep their value as an intro to the language. Could even just be a section in the navbar that gives a page with nothing but a link to the Pkg documentation if those are considered complete enough.

Nevermind I found it. Sorry for the noise.

Wow, that’s great guidance. I appreciate you bringing attention to it.