Registering a new package and naming convention

Hi all,

(first time I try to register a package)

I would like to register a package called AD4SM.jl, but I understand it violates one of the package naming conventions (ends with a upper case letter).

The automatic registration tool says:
Important note: It is okay to have a package name that ends in an uppercase letter. However, you will need to wait until a registry maintainer manually approves the name.

how do I know if/when a maintainer approves or reject the name?

p.s. I was not aware of this guideline, and I already mentioned the pakage on a Mendely Dataset, which is mentioned in a paper, so would like to keep this name, if possible

many thanks in advance!

Not a maintainer, but you’ll know when your pull request is merged or gets a comment from a maintainer with more information.

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thanks for the clarification!