Can I choose display software?

I am using Julia on Debian and plotting SVG images using Gadfly. The default software used to display the image is my web browser which really doesn’t seem as the best option to me. Can I configure Julia/Gadfly to use another one (like inkview?).

I search for configurations but don’t find much.

You can load GitHub - queryverse/ElectronDisplay.jl: An Electron.jl based figure and table display. and then plots will be shown in an electron window.

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It can be done by overriding this function like so:

using Compose, Gadfly

function Gadfly.display(d::Gadfly.GadflyDisplay, p::Union{Plot,Compose.Context})
    display(d, Gadfly.default_mime(), p)

Then a test:

plot(x=1:10, y=rand(10), Geom.point)

import Cairo
plot(x=1:10, y=rand(10), Geom.point)

The plot will open in whatever your default program for svg, pdf is.


That is what I was looking for, thank you.