Beta Gadfly available for 1.0

before tagging a release we’d like to get feedback from field testers to see if there are any issues. please checkout the master branch of both Gadfly and Compose.


Thanks for your work! I’m on Julia 1.0 and was just trying to run some of the plots in the documentation. One that doesn’t currently work for me is:

p1 = plot([sin,cos], 0, 2pi)

I get the following error:

Error showing value of type Plot:
ERROR: MethodError: no method matching IndirectArrays.IndirectArray(::Array{Union{Nothing, Int64},1}, ::Array{String,1})
Closest candidates are:
IndirectArrays.IndirectArray(::AbstractArray{#s12,N} where #s12<:Integer, ::AbstractArray{T,1}) where {T, N} at C:\Users\jduncan.RC.julia\packages\IndirectArrays\0Jc04\src\IndirectArrays.jl:26
IndirectArrays.IndirectArray(::AbstractArray) at C:\Users\jduncan.RC.julia\packages\IndirectArrays\0Jc04\src\IndirectArrays.jl:33

This is on Windows by the way. Again thanks for the work updating the package.

@nalimilan might have just fixed that. please pull and try again.

Looks like it works now. Great, thanks!

I tried a couple of basic plots and it works just fine. Thanks for doing the update!