Calling Pluto via web api's isn't that the ideal non production sandpit?

About to start coding in julia and making sure my dev foundation makes me a happy bunny. I don’t want to use vscode et al as an ide, they are too noisy for me.

I wonder if I can sandbox code in a Pluto NB and call the code from an active julia script which builds a web site?

Any changes in the NB would be reflected on the web page. So if I was looking at a set of indicators in a dataframe and I use the selector in Pluto to change the dataset the change would be reflected on the web page. I am using Tufte data to ink ratios to reduce screen clutter so not a fan of controls on web pages.

I was mulling over how to convert my Pluto notebook into a code when I stumbled on the splendid ( so well presented even a dullard like me can get excited) Connor Nash presenting

Connor Nash explains web api calls to Pluto NB

AND this thread discussion.

converting Pluto NB into julia pkg

Pluto notebooks are just plain Julia scripts if you are talking about the code itself. Just open the file in a regular text editor and you will see that Pluto just adds comments so it knows how to track the “cells” and whatnot. So you could write in the Pluto notebook and then use the code elsewhere quite easily, if that is what you mean.

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Hi there @tbeason great to hear from you as always. I did notice that but it’s not what I want to do. An example will help I think.

In the Pluto notebook I have loaded up a dataframe with a list of indicators. I use Pluto to select a range of the indicators and create a new dataframe. My julia code uses Connor’s web api call to get the new dataset and change an existing web page on the site. If I add a new function to the Pluto NB I can call that from the julia code. To me it seems I’d be using all the facilities of Pluto to alter the behavior of the dataflow, reduce down the clutter on the web page ( no slides, drop downs) and allow me to sandpit new functions using the cell features of Pluto.