Real time data in Pluto notebooks?

Hi all

a noob here. I have a ZMQ data stream of IPM’s which update a dataframe. Has anyone used Pluto to house a LIVE ( constantly) updated dataframe in a Pluto cell?

the intent is to have a live data environment that would allow me to use all the facilities of Pluto AND use it’s api to add functionality.

I found this but it seems to be old

and there wasn’t a pluto presentation at juliacon 2022 that I could find.

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Well, there was at least one, that seemed possibly relevant to you.

I’m not exactly sure what’s possible with (Pluto and its associated) extra packages.

But I was starting watching this seemingly awesome YouTube video, and see what’s possible in JavaScript (you need to see at that timestamp, video is better than words):

I was not a fan of JavaScript the language, but I want this in Julia! I was going to post a new thread on Discourse, asking if this is already possible, and I saw your post. Maybe it it. I recall similar in Pluto (e.g. sliders, but I seem to recall more setup was needed).

I didn’t mean to highjack your thread in case this isn’t somewhat related to your question. Then I move it.

What do you mean old? The first version is from 31 Oct 2021, so I do not consider this an old project already (I was even going to say Pluto is the new thing, but I see the first version is from 9 Mar 2020 so a judgement call).

hi there @Palli thanks for that clip but I try to avoid javascript BUT I get your point. In fact I think this IS possible in Pluto the api or pluto sliders

which brings me to my mea culpa moment. I completely forgot about PlutoCON!!

As to my “old” comment I take your point but julia is such a fast moving environment with such a wonderfully active community I thought 2021 was a long time.

thanks for the video but I am not a fan of javascript but I get your point.

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