Call for Julia Maintainers to support the Julia Language + the MLH Fellowship

Hey all,

This is a followup to this previous post: Call for Mentors: MLH Fellowship + The Julia Language

The Julia Language will be hosting between 7-10 students over the course of 12 weeks this summer. We are still trying to find package maintainers who are willing to mentor MLH fellows for 3-5 hours per month (for 3 months). Package maintainers are expected to help via planning sprints for students to complete (this is a great opportunity to grow our community and also get dedicated help on your projects!). We will also be providing maintainers who help us mentor with some Julia swag at the end of the summer.

Please ping me here, on Slack, or via email ( if you are able to help.

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This is strange. I’ve been chasing links for a while, and I still haven’t found out what MLH stands for.


Major League Hacking!


Given that our usual mentors are quite involved with GSOC and JSOC this year, we need new mentors for MLH.

@logankilpatrick Should we create an MLH channel on slack for anyone who can help? Perhaps we can request package authors to tag issues that they believe could be good candidates for MLH participants?


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Good idea on the issue tagging. As far as the channel goes, I already made it!

What can be expected of MLH participants? Will they know how to code let alone in Julia? (Sorry if that’s a silly question, I imagine they’re all clever and enthusiastic but having an idea of their level can help figure what kind of issues they could possibly look at)


No experience with Julia required but you can assume they are smart and driven!