Building error for "Sundials", "SymEngine", "Rmath", wrong julia directory



Hello, I met a building error when adding DifferentialEquations package,

“LoadError: could not spawn 'D:\Program Files\JuliaPro-\Julia-0.6.0\bin\7z.exe' x 'C:\Users\Wood\.julia\v0.6\Sundials\deps\downloads\sundials-' -y '-oC:\Users\Wood\.julia\v0.6\Sundials\deps': no such file or directory (ENOENT)
while loading C:\Users\Wood.julia\v0.6\Sundials\deps\build.jl, in expression starting on line 37”

I think the problem is the wrong directory of Julia, which should be another one. When I open the Julia command line, the pwd() shows the right directory.

How can I resolve this problem?

The reason why I have this problem is that I try to update Julia for JuliaPro, then I find it is not possible to do so currently.


I’m confused by this. Are you on v0.5.2 or v0.6.0?


Sorry for that. I just started using Julia. I download the lastest JuliaPro v0.5.2.2 and want to update the Julia to v0.6. So I installed Julia v0.6 at the directory of JuliaPro. Then I found I cannot use the existing packages in JuliaPro, it is completely new installed Julia with no packages. I realized that it is not possible to update Julia in JuliaPro manually right now.

So I re-installed the Julia v0.6 at another directory and want to uninstall JuliaPro.

But when I install package “DifferentialEquations”, in the building process, it still use the old directory of Julia. There is no Julia directory in PATH, so I do not know how to solve this.


I’m not entirely sure how you’re supposed to upgrade JuliaPro, but that doesn’t sound right. I would just install the standard generic binary:

and use that. Maybe someone else can comment on how you’re supposed to upgrade JuliaPro.