Differential equations not working with julia 0.6.2


I have tried numerous times to run: using Differential Equations in on both my ubuntu laptop and windows 7 computer and I get errors saying sundials could not be installed and a message saying that DifferentialEquations.ji could not be precompiled. Any help appreciated.


Can you post the error message for why Sundials could be installed? Also, what version of DifferentialEquations.jl are you getting?


Thanks for responding so quickly. I reinstalled julia on my ubuntu system and now of course it works :slight_smile: But the windows version still fails:

ERROR: Failed to precompile DifferentialEquations to C:\Users\Owner.julia\lib\v0.6\DifferentialEquations.ji


[1] compilecache(::String) at .\loading.jl:710

[2] _require(::Symbol) at .\loading.lj:497

[3] require(::Symbol) at .\loading.jl:405

I am not sure whats going wrong but I think its on my end. Given I have it working on ubuntu now you can close this topic.