DifferentialEquations loading error


I tried to run code from Using DifferentialEquations.jl for a simple food-chain but now I get an error:

julia> using DifferentialEquations
[ Info: Recompiling stale cache file C:\Users\Helga\.julia\compiled\v1.0\DifferentialEquations\UQdwS.ji for DifferentialEquations [0c46a032-eb83-5123-abaf-570d42b7fbaa]
ERROR: LoadError: C:\Users\Helga\.julia\packages\SymEngine\sh7Yz\deps\symengine-0.3\bin\libmpc-3.dll cannot be opened, Please re-run Pkg.build("sh7Yz"), and restart Julia.

I am using Julia v 1.01 and DifferentialEquations has been previously installed and updated. I do not know how to re-run Pkg.build(“sh7Yz”).

Does anyone have advice on how to make DifferentialEquations run again?

That should be saying that you should run ]build SymEngine or ]build DifferentialEquations.

Such a quick response! Thank you!