BUG: cannot assign Base.reduce and others in JUNO julia REPL

Dear JUNO team,

I just stumbled upon that JUNO julia REPL (alias “console”) behaves differently then my normal julia REPL which I can start from the command line.

Concretely the following works from command line, however does not from JUNO

julia> reduce = "test"
ERROR: cannot assign variable Base.reduce from module Main
 [1] top-level scope at none:0

Same for all other functions in Base

This is such a crucial drawback that I now use command line REPL instead of JUNO julia console (even though I now cannot use SHIFT+ENTER to execute code lines conveniently, which I really would like to have)


  • Windows 10 64bit
  • atom 1.32.1 x64
  • julia-client 0.7.9
  • uber-juno 0.2.0
  • ink 0.9.12

That’s happening due to how we handle autocompletions, I think. Would be fixed with e.g.

which I hope to get into the next release.

Also see Inconsistent Base method overwrite behaviour, which would still be an issue even with the above PR.

thanks a lot for referencing both!
looking forward