@btime invisible \mu character in REPL


this is clearly a fonts/setup issue but …

I was using the julia 0.7.0 REPL in an xterm together with the Inconsolata fonts. Using @btime I was confused when I suddenly got results in seconds. Copy and pasting into the discourse editor revealed that the actual units were in fact μs and not seconds. The μ was invisible in the REPL (there is a blank character field if one watches closely).

Now, while Inconsolata most probably does not contain a μ glyph at all I was wondering if the REPL should/could be able to detect this and then at least print a warning or indicate that ? Also, I am not sure what the terminal emulator and X-Server should or could do, may be there is a setting forcing font substitution I am missing.

Generally, I am a bit reserved about using UTF math symbols because of problems like this (which is probably my fault :slight_smile:

Best regards

I’m also curious what font would display more unicode characters e.g. emojis. E.g. :goat: is shown as a question mark inside a box, for Consolas font in Windows 10.