Best flux for Tracker: 0.9 or 0.8.3?

A post in this recent discussion recommends using Tracker rather than Zygote if one is less adventurous.

I am undecided, but, if one is to use Tracker, which version of Flux is best?

I use 0.9 for a few research projects that aren’t ready to move to Zygote (the way we are doing BPTT wasn’t easily portable). I have no issues w/ it, but I only do pretty simple models (i.e. only a few layers max and some recurrent layers). I have used Zygote for a few projects and toy examples and it seems pretty stable for a lot of neural network stuff (i.e. what is implemented in Flux/NNLib). While I agree there are some limitations currently (and some annoying corner cases) which have been listed in the discussion you linked, it really is much nicer to use than Tracker (dealing w/ tracked arrays was quite annoying when I was trying to take advantage of multiple dispatch).

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