Julia Flux Right Version

Hello Everybody,

I am new in Julia and Flux. I went through model-zoo and it seems as pretty nice example. However as far I had no luck to make it work. After hours of googling and going through non-consistent information I would like to ask, if here is somebody who could recommend me right version of Julia and Flux I should use. Currently I have version of Julia β€œ1.2.0” and Flux 0.10.0. However examples in model-zoo use Tracker what is not included in my version. What version then i should install to have Flux with Tracker? I found information that last stable version of Flux uses tracker but which version it is? Or is there any official compatibility table?

Thank you for response.

While I haven’t tried this, the model zoo has a Project.toml & Manifest.toml pair (and some models have their own). Can you try activating that, which should fix all required packages to what they were?

Over here it looks like the main file uses Flux@0.9.0, which uses Tracker.

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Model zoo needs a revamp, many scripts are not working, unfortunately. There are many open PR trying to push some updates but they are not receiving much attention

I suggest to stay on the latest Flux and Zygote released version, copy and run one of those scripts in the open PRs. For instance you could try with the mnist/mlp.jl script here. Please also report back in the PR’s conversation if your attempt was successful or not.


improbable22: Check *.toml files is good idea, thanks, it helps me to one step further.

CarloLucibello: I did not see how many PRs are there. I will stick on them. Thanks for notify it.