Use the old Tracker interface in Flux 0.10?

Flux 0.10 provides Zygote as the AD.

Is it still possible to use Tracker in this (and near future) version of Flux?

If so, wondering if it would be possible to program a unified api wrapper that would call either with one switch in the program, to experiment and find bugs.

(Newbie here)

I think that Tracker.jl is not very actively maintained now (it says so explicitly in its README), so you are encouraged to move to Zygote.

Yes, you can set your parameters as tracked variables and then call for the gradient manually. It works and it’ll surely help with the upgrade! With DiffEqFlux we’ve done exactly this, with TrackerAdjoint manually using Tracker.

Thank you!

Now I want to figure how to put both interfaces in a common wrapper. If I can understand Zygote