[Berlin, Germany] December meet-up (JuliaGPU)


Hi all,

The next Berlin meet-up will take place on December 5th, at 7pm at The Factory.

David will introduce the JuliaGPU projects, with particular focus on the OpenCL interface. David has a background in doing large scale simulations on GPU hardware.

Simon will talk about GPUArrays interface, and the CLArrays implementation, as a fast way of doing computations on your GPU. Simon is a core contributor to Julia and has worked on these packages.

Please try to RSVP at our meet-up page if you’re coming. It helps with managing entrance to the building.



I’d love to hear more about the state of GPU stuff - I don’t suppose the
talks will be recorded/streamed?


That would be cool! But, no this is an informal meet-up. We’re not equiped for that, sorry.