Updating packages' version in a pluto notebook

I was initially skeptical of Pluto’s package management (slowed down things for me) until I had to share a complex Pluto notebook with a colleague the afternoon before leaving for a trip. With a quick call he was able to install Julia and run the notebook with no issues: in ~30 mins we were deep diving into the details of the actual analysis.
So I’m on board now :slight_smile:
But what if I want to test the notebook with updated packages from time to time, and then if it works have the notebook remember the new updated versions, so I can commit it to a repository and share it again?
What are the appropriate/best steps?

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From Pangoraw:

From the wiki: 🎁 Package management · fonsp/Pluto.jl Wiki · GitHub
When updating, it will create a backup in case the new versions don’t work as expected.