generates "failed process" error in Juno REPL on some platforms

MWE (Ubuntu 20.04, Julia 1.4):

MWE (OSX 10.14, Julia 1.4):
ERROR: failed process: Process(ls, ProcessSignaled(9)) [0]

Is this in any way specific to Juno? What happens when you run that code in a normal Julia REPL?

Also, please code your code blocks with triple backticks.

Thanks for your response. Will style properly next time.

Yes this is only in Juno, no issues on OSX calling from terminal REPL

The error went away after making the following changes:

  1. hard coded the julia 1.4 path in Juno settings (multiple versions installed in /Applications/ and somehow 1.3 was loading in Juno, should have looked closer at the startup prompt)
  2. ran Pkg update